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Return Policy

We are Sakewa (referred to as "we," "our company," or Sakewa), and we own and operate the website sakewa.hk (referred to as "this website" or sakewa.hk). Our website offers convenient online shopping through the internet and applications, providing a one-stop delivery service (referred to as "the service").

1. We do not accept return and exchange arrangements except in the following cases:
- Goods damaged during transportation;
- Incorrectly shipped items;
- Missing items.

2. To ensure the quality of our service, we inspect each item for completeness and take photographs before shipping.

3. Please note the return and exchange terms:
- In the event of any circumstances mentioned in (1), please submit a return or exchange request within one working day after receiving the goods.
- After confirming that the condition of the goods meets the requirements of the return and exchange policy, we will notify you of the status of your return or exchange request as soon as possible. To return the goods, they must be in new condition, with all packaging materials, including instructions, certificates, labels, markings, consumables, bags, boxes, receipts, and related gifts. Items that are not in new condition, damaged, or not properly packaged will not be accepted.
- After accepting your return or exchange request, we will process it within seven working days. Depending on the circumstances, we may arrange for a refund, the retrieval of goods, and the replacement of goods.
- We reserve the right to change the return and exchange policy without prior notice and to refuse product replacements. In the event of any disputes, our company will have the final decision-making authority.

4. In the following cases, we have the right to refuse the customer's return or exchange request:
- Requests beyond the return and exchange period
- Items that have been opened, used, or damaged for personal reasons
- Customer's shipping documents are lost or incomplete
- The product is not supplied by us
- The goods themselves do not have quality issues

We reserve the right to terminate or change the above return and exchange policy. In the event of any disputes, our company reserves the ultimate decision-making authority.

Last Updated: 08/09/2020